Our breeding program is an important part of what we do.  Every breeding is designed to produce puppies with select traits with an overall goal for our future.  We strive to produce exceptional dogs capable of being top level guide dogs, testing dogs, and even better hunting dogs!

High Desire, Extreme Prey Drive, Strong Natural Retrieves, and Exceptional Family Orientation are just a few traits that we believe give us the best opportunity to produce the perfect hunting companion. 

Are you considering making a Ringneck Kennels puppy the newest addition to your family?

Here are a few things you will want to know in advance.

We know the process of selecting a quality breeder from which to choose your newest family hunting companion can be overwhelming.  Let us help!  Rest assured that we are here to answer any and all questions, not just for the initial process, but we are available from this day forward!  We want you to feel comfortable with not only the process of picking a puppy, but with training, health and wellness, as well as any other concerns that may arise during the time spent with your RK puppy!

Placing a puppy deposit with us is very unique.  We strive to ensure we find you the best possible fit for you and your family, as well as the puppy we place with you!  While you have the final decision on which puppy fits best, we will do our best to guide you during the process.   When you place your deposit, please include a brief description of your ideal dog in the comment section, include things like; sex, temperament, style of hunting, family activities, and anything else you may find that will help us find you the perfect fit!

Our selection process is based off the date of deposits, unless a specific litter is requested and available. 

What this means is the earlier deposits have priority over the later deposits, so get them in early!   Each deposit, starting at the top of the list, will have the option to select a puppy from the current litters or wait for a litter that fits your specific needs.  Once the litter is full on deposits, we will move on to selecting puppies.   Ringneck Kennels reserves the right to keep first pick male and first pick female from each litter.


Puppy Pickup Day

The Puppy Pickup Day begins at 9 am on Saturday following their 7 week birthday.

We start with introductions explaining who we are, where we come from, and the future of Ringneck Kennels

We then discuss some options, ideas, and techniques for training puppies, as well as nutritional health and wellness.

Next, you will meet the mom and if the dad is on site, him as well.

During this time, we will do a Q & A and answer as many questions as possible.

The next step in the process is the one you have all been waiting for!  MEETING THE PUPPIES!!

We will have two separate areas divided between boys and girls and we will begin selections one at a time.  The selection order will have already been established, and you are welcome to take as much time as you need to pick the perfect puppy.  We will be right there by your side to help answer any questions about them that we have seen in the last 7 weeks!  As selections are made, you are welcome to find a quite area and bond with the puppy until the final pick is made.  If you are unable to make the trip and are having the puppy shipped, we will get a detailed description of what you are looking for, and we will make the selection for you.

After all puppies have found their new homes, we will sit down one last time and complete any additional paperwork as well as answer and more questions.  We will then take pictures of you and your puppy as well a group photo!

You are welcome to hang out with us or free to head home to spend quality time with you new puppy!

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September 17th 2017

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November 18th 2017

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