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Our Ringneck Kennels Trained Puppy program is a revolutionary program.  It is a perfect mix between buying a puppy and buying a started dog.  If you like the appeal of a trained dog, but want to be able to choose the exact breeding or be able to pick out a puppy that best suits you, this program is designed for you!

Here is how it works.

Place your deposit with us based on which breeding best suits your style of hunting.

Once the puppies are born, we will keep you informed about the development of the litter.

We will begin puppy picks at 6 weeks of age

At 8 weeks, you are welcome to meet your new family member

Your new puppy will stay with us for obedience and gun dog training

Pictures and updates will be available on a regular schedule

Upon completing training, 10-12 months of age, you will be invited back to learn how your new dog handles as well as help ease the transition.

​What you can expect from you RK Trained Puppy

​Well socialized with people and various breeds of dogs

​Obedience - Whoa, Here, Heel, Kennel, Sit, and Place

​Gun Dog Training -

​          Conditioned to Gun Fire

​          E-Collar Conditioned         

          Steady to Wing

​          Consistently Retrieving